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Refilling services.

We offer the full line of refilling services, from your home or business tanks to your propane gas grill.

Installation services.

We want to help make your setup easier to install and easier to maintain in the future. Call us and setup installation service now!

Emergency services.

We want you to know that an emergency to our customers, is an emergency for us.

We have generators in place so that we can fill your tanks even in the event of an emergency.

If you need help with an installation or your equipment is down and needs service immediately, give us a call and see if our “Emergency Service Care” can help you out.

We’ll always do our best!

Our customers use propane for a variety of uses including home heating, space heating, water heating, pool/spa heating, drying, cooking, grilling, and motor fuel. Our computer tracking system allows us to provide prompt and dependable delivery service to our customers. We offer strength and reliability along with friendliness and personal service found only in your home town company.


Rail Car Accessibility

Our plant is located adjacent to the train tracks running through Rolla.
That means that we can offer you the best prices on propane
 “Right off the line”

Always a helping hand at Poe’s Gas!


Call us and see if we can help you!


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